Early readers and reviewers – request for assistance

I have two very exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I am hoping to get some assistance from you.

The first thing is that I should have final proofs of a couple of cover options for my next collection – Devil in the Wind – which I hope to have released by mid-year.

One of the things that has been emphasized to me is that the opinion of the author is the least trustworthy when it comes to cover design. With that in mind, I’m planning to invite visitors to the blog here to offer their opinions. I hope you will enjoy being able to participate in that process (assuming it all goes as I hope).

The second exciting thing, though is that I will have e-book proofs of the collection in my hot little hands, well ahead of the release date.

This note is my invitation to anyone who enjoys coming along here to see what I’ve been up to to get in touch with me if they would like to receive an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of the e-book to let me have some early feedback, and also to consider providing an honest review of the book at Amazon or Goodreads or elsewhere that may seem good to you.

Reviews provide a social media guide for potential buyers of books – including lending libraries and schools, and are especially important for an unknown, who is also trying to generate buying interest in a poetic form.

Poetry is a hard sell, in these times, both in electronic and paperback forms.

As a gesture of thanks, I’m intending to figure out a fair way to choose a couple of reviewer names to receive an inscribed paperback copy of Devil in the Wind.

To anyone who is a subscriber to my Newsletter (over at FrankPrem.com), I will be making the same request and offer in a Newsletter that will go out as soon as I have proofs of the cover ready to share.

Thank you for considering this. If you are interested in receiving an e-book ARC, either let me have an email address that I can use, or simply sign up for the newsletter at FrankPrem.com.


in such glory


if I place you
where the sun
my heart

if I place you
toward the center

and in the last
of day
this wonder day
we could both
our heads

and I will
you know I will
if you
go first

show me
the way

sometimes the world
seems only

too much
of colour

but you
my friend are
light beheld

streaming down
in wonder

it is a grace
of sun
I believe
for me
to witness you
in glory


26 thoughts on “Early readers and reviewers – request for assistance

  1. Best of luck with your new book! You have such a skill with words; I hope many people will get interested in poetry again through reading yours. I’d offer to proof-read & review, but am still tied up with my current project. The originator wants it as an e-book also and I’ve never done one. Yet. 🙂

    Cover design interests me and I’ll comment if you post it here. Generally, I think the initial choice is one the writer must make because he/she has to promote this book. We need to be delighted with how our book looks and not cringe a bit when showing it to someone new. However, a good graphics designer can do wonders turning a simple image into an attractive cover. My son-in-law, a labourer by day, turns into a Corel Draw whiz in the evening and has come up with a great finished look for my own book cover and now for the cover of the book I’ve just edited.


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  3. Well, I’ve snuck in late so no one can see what I’m doing to you, Frank, but me and bushfires – I was in the ’83 Ash Wednesday fires, and still have nightmares. This is one I’m begging off. Sorry. I love your words and how you string the feelings together, but not fire, not the memory of burning, the stink of …

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