3 thoughts on “On inspiration and structure

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your process. I too resist structure, but also find it’s good discipline to try for fewer words, the reason I like haiku. Trying a limited number of total syllables (or words) would be an interesting variant I hadn’t considered before your post. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    • Good morning and hello.

      Thanks for popping by and I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed this effort. I’ve been doing a bit of this recently – looking at the multiple possibilities out of single images and also my own way of breaking poems down for readability all the way down to young folk picking up and reading easily without preparation – posts that are on this site, if you’re interested.

      I generally dislike structure intensely because I feel that it has overtaken the aspect of communication (as well as taking a lot of otherwise creative effort to master form rather than substance).

      Wordplay, though (including syllable count) seems a different discipline to me and I enjoy it very much. How much story can be packed into very few words and sounds.

      Really delighted you enjoyed this.

      Thank you.

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