24 thoughts on “Flock #37: every breath

      • It’s been pretty average. I no longer believe BOM, they said it was only 45 here today but I had three thermometers measure 47 under the patio and 49 in the sun. I was outside at 1pm and as soon as I moved back into the shade I was drenched in sweat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that bad.
        We had about a dozen drops of rain about 5pm and the temp dropped to about 30, then by 5:30 we were back up to 35. But it didn’t last long, its comfortable now but still no rain.

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      • I thought we were suppose to get some reprieve today. It was nice when I was out watering the garden at 7am but it’s turning warm and sticky again.
        BOM says it’s going to be 38 for the first day back at school, I’m hoping they are going to change that before Wednesday 🙂

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      • Yep, 30 degrees now, with a top of 38 expected. Maybe relief later in the day.

        That reminds me. I’m chasing headmasters next week. I want to do some sessions in a couple of schools with the kids and maybe their teachers.

        Poetry rules, no?

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      • I’m not sure we are in for much relief because the storms never seem to make it here, but they predicted 31 here, they currently say it’s 32 but I just went out on the patio and measured it with three different thermometers and it’s 37 out the back in the shade and 40 in the direct sunlight.

        I know our school touches on poetry in grades three and up but I don’t know how much they do. I also know they have authors come to the classroom or do live chats. I think there was two authors here last year and they skyped several overseas authors so it is indeed a thing that can happen. No idea of the legalities/requirements these days. I do know I am suppose to have a Working With Children for the work I do at the school but they’ve never asked me for it. But none of that should stop you, it’s a matter of getting a school to say yes.

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      • Last year our school (and a local shop which supports local authors) gave away 280 books with no price restriction to kids to encourage them to read. Reading is a huge thing in schools and being able to read all forms of writing is a big thing. I think you’ll find that an author, or poet willing to go into the schools is something most public school will jump at the chance to have.

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      • Yeah that bit I don’t know about. I do know our school pays for some people to come in and the costs to parents are really quite reasonable but I also know some people have donated their time.

        We had a guy here last year and I can’t remember his name who came to do a book signing at the local book shop (same one that gave away the books) and from that signing he appeared at the school for free because the bookshop asked him too. I don’t know what the bookshop paid him but they do author signings and they also do after hours events with authors at a local cafe, so getting the author to speak for an hour at a school might be in the package deal.

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      • They probably didn’t pay him directly. Local supportive shops will process sales without taking out any commission (usually 40%), so if he could drum up sales, there’d be something in it for him.

        In my case, I’d maybe offer discount prices or a workshop in return for a number of sales. Something of that sort.

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      • I’m sure they do something rather than pay a lump sum but I’m also sure our local book shop is run by Amish so the taking of money is not allowed, you get a carrot! 🙂

        The school is a bit different I do know people offer their services to the school and some get paid, but they are also free to sell to the school. Last year with one of the female authors the teachers nearly suggested that each kid had to buy one of the authors books for class. They couldn’t legally enforce it obviously but it sounded like they were.
        For an hour long chat the school processed 160 orders for books (they got 5% I believe) for the author with the books ranging from $15 – 40.

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      • If I could sell even 1/4 of the school population something for the time I spend there I’d do it, I’d even talk to the classes. But alas I don’t think the kids want tomatoes radishes which is all I have to offer right now.

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      • My last lot of radishes would have been a hit at school. They wouldn’t have eaten them but they would have been a talking point. I pickled them with vinegar, herbs and stuff and they every time I opened the lid it left the house smelling like a person with eternal flatulence had visited.

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