the passing

he stood
mostly concealed
looking out through the curtain
and the glass

he kept himself
in shadow

in the dark
only he
could watch

and here in the shadows
only he

was springtime

small islands …
disappearing …
of snow

the rest
was green
in the glow
of a newfound

and in the crystal light
she danced

as her arms
whirled around

as she spun
and kicked up
her legs

a prance
of a dance
she joined it
with everything
she had

the puff
of her breath
was a signal
sent out in smoke

he ground his teeth
the curtain

he watched
each move she made

and he wished

how he wished
she had found
some other stage
to perform on

but there she was

there he was

and so
they stay

while the dance
goes on


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