Squaring The Circle exhibition – the photographs

I’ve had a couple of folk mention they cannot access Facebook, where the above exhibition is referenced (here).

Not good enough, thought I. At no trouble at all, the pictures you would see at Facebook, are now presented below.

Leanne is very gratefully receiving any visitors, their likes and especially any comments.


Above is the overview of the exhibition. One wall of the public library available to the artist for a period of a month.


Leanne describes the project as she saw and addressed it.



My grandfather, Anton, and myself. Perhaps 1960, or ’61, with the long lost pocket watch. My father tracked around for some years trying to find a better clock/watch man than he is himself to make the parts to restore the watch.


My father, in his habitat, surrounded by the things that have become him.


And me? Just a small town kid, who writes the stories and speaks them out aloud, sometimes.


The last poem, encircled by the first. The circle is indeed squared.


Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Small Town Kid.


Thank you Leanne Murphy.



8 thoughts on “Squaring The Circle exhibition – the photographs

    • That’s grand, Cheryl. Leanne says to send a big thank you back to you.

      Thank goodness, the books are finally going out, I’m truly delighted.

      I’m doing a radio interview with a local radio station tomorrow, and one with the local branch of our national broadcaster next week. Big days these.


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