From NASA with love for Christmas: is over

even in the stars explosions fill the void I peer at the shapes and I can see war helmets and I hear the sound of jackboots crushing light beneath them these are the times that they are nothing I can do will change them I know ... I know yet I wonder what a day … Continue reading From NASA with love for Christmas: is over

the well (3)

he had wept he had spoken out loud screamed into the darkness once or twice and when finally he had exhausted himself he fell silent became still even his breath just a whisper . . . . . . a feeling reverberation like a tremor up through his body to his ears his hearing where … Continue reading the well (3)

Mailing List

Over at my newly established author website (, which has just today been commissioned and declared functional, I have commenced collecting email addresses of those folk who might like to be kept informed of developments in my writing life and world. In fact, I have just sent out the first newsletter to the email addresses … Continue reading Mailing List

Small Miracles (Leanne Murphy)

Leanne Murphy - wife and life partner to me - has put together a small wish for any and all to share in. It is located on her social media page and titled - Small Miracles. It is my great pleasure to share it with you, and to add my heartfelt wishes for a safe and … Continue reading Small Miracles (Leanne Murphy)

Gifting E-Books…

What a great idea this is. Wonderful thought, just in time for Christmas.

Don’t forget Small Town Kid is available as an e-book, here:

Musings Of Two Creative Minds

Okay gang, the big day is drawing near and you still want to get a few more gifts but don’t know what to buy, or don’t want to go out into the stores which have already pulled down half of their displays and are lining up Spring stuff. What to do, what to do… how about giving someone a good book to read on their Kindle? It’s fast, easy, and you can have it delivered on Christmas Day and know it will arrive on time…

Didn’t know you could do this? Neither did I for the longest time. I only found out a couple of years ago when we released “The Vampyre Blogs – Coming Home”. I found myself rewarding some of our beta-readers with a free copy of the finished product in whatever form they wished (trade paperback, Kindle, PDF).  Most requested a signed trade paperback, but a couple…

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