A short while ago I posted a link to the Australian Speculative Fiction site, to show off a poem that I’d penned to a picture posted over there, called Only the Wind (is free).

I wrote a second poem for the same picture and thought it would be wasteful not to post it here on the blog.

It’s an interesting exercise for me to look back at the imagery that can suggest itself from a static picture. No end to the possibility of stories and contemplations. In this case, the little glimpse of dragon was suggestive. For the previous poem, Only the Wind (is free), it was the sense of abandonment, loneliness, the suggestion of movement through the stillness that caught my attention.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the preparations of George as he braces for battle.

Addit: I’ve done a little experiment over at my author page, using tables to compare the 2 poems side by side. I would welcome any opinions or discussion. *** It’s over here ***


Featured Image -- 25778

I know where
this mist
comes from

I know the reek
of lizard

I know the heat
that moves the air
to make a swing squeak
aloud …

so mournful …

my armor snug
my visor low

I have a lance
I heft the weight
of Sword

the balance
in my right hand

my right hand

is the time
to bend my knee
to bow my head
my helmet

whisper a prayer
for safety
and an end
to all the things
that are
this lizard

the things that are
all lizards

I know the smoke
that drives away
the innocent
and the naïve

the nostrils of this worm
make for quake
and quiver

not me
not I

I am strong
in heart
great in thew
I know
where the reptile
lies hiding

end my prayer
end my prayer
with murmur

then a shouting
so loud
it is the dragons turn
to whimper

uttered into this foetid air:

my name
is george






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