Small Town Kid – Sneak Peek

sneak peek

A little peek inside the covers of the Small Town Kid e-book on Amazon. This poem – I can hardly wait to show you – is the preface piece for the collection.


Some very lovely things have been said about the Small Town Kid memoir, but they look a little lonely. Some more reviews posted to the places you visit for such things, or where you bought your copy would be a great boon for the book.


Don’t hold back. Tell us all what you think.


Happy Reading.

23 thoughts on “Small Town Kid – Sneak Peek

      • Frank Prem? Who is that? Never heard of him. Does he write for New Idea? He’s okay but Womans Weekly is better!

        Feel free to use that anywhere you like (but I will work on a better one in the next few days)

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      • Tables are a really good way of distributing data on a page. I really like them and I dislike the way they became a hated thing among web designers. Setting up the same things with today’s “web design standards” is annoying. There can be an annoyance when one column is longer than the other, (which is why tables stopped being a standard), but tables are still cool as far as I’m concerned.

        Using the tables the way you have with the poems below the swings is a really effective way of doing the poems with only a few words per line. It makes them easy to read and lays them out nicely. Longer lines could look messy but what you’ve done fits nicely.

        It could be worth experimenting with either a different font, or different colour to further differentiate the columns especially the longer ones. But that’s more about aesthetics than it is readability. Another things you could add is a 2 px column to the left of each text column and make it red (for instance) and that 2px background colour will act like a vertical boarder further helping to make sure the eye doesn’t try to read each column as one line.

        But aside from that I think you’ve done a great job.

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      • I’ll experiment some more next time up, but I have to confess the Table was made by a widget I downloaded, so there isn’t too much creativity on my part there – more attempted interpretation of what is easily do-able with what is provided by the widget.

        I love working with tables, though. They’re so useful for separating voices, for doing parallels and so on. Glad to have found something i can work with.

        Thanks for the thoughtful comments. Always so helpful. I appreciate it.

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      • The biggest drawback of WordPress is that it’s not easily code customisable by Joe Average. Widgets do a lot but most are not written to any sort of code and are a pain to change.

        Tables can be very powerful and very aesthetically pleasing and you’ve used them well but unfortunately there is still a lot of limitations with most widgets.

        Creating sibling themes and recoding widgets is a real benefit of hosting your own website but it can also be time consuming and sometimes unrewarding. I really should have changed my own site lots of time but rewriting the non industry standard WordPress coding annoys me so like a builder who never finishes his own house I never finish my own website.

        But if you ever need a hand, get stuck, or think something should work that doesn’t let me know.

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      • Just having trouble working with the new WP editor. It’s a bit painful.

        I uploaded a couple of new audio files, but they have a different appearance to the previous set. Still functional, just look odd.

        No matter though, I’ll have to disassemble the page in any case. It’s a bit of a woofer’s brekkie.

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      • Oh yeah tell me about it. I hate the way they forced that on people.

        I noticed they have updated the new editor twice in the last two weeks which means there is a lot of themes and widgets out there that could also require updating. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much of a change to make something the worked yesterday not work today when you have a system that covers so much.

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      • I’m usually ok with change. I’ve updated every windows operating system since ’97 before the general public got them and generally liked them (sold a lot of them too so there was a lot of like there) and I generally update most of my programs when I’m convinced the update is worth it. But I don’t see anything great with the new WP editor. It does pretty much everything it needs but it’s like rearranging a newspaper so sports is at the front and the actual news appears as classified ads.

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      • Yes I agree. For ever and a day I’ve coded websites in Windows Notepad. Although I’d used editors like WP for years before this current WP stuff I always still preferred plain and simply. We get used to what we learn on and that’s fine but if change happens it really does need to happen gradually and it shouldn’t be forced.

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