only the wind (is free) by Frank Prem

The good folk at Australian Speculative Fiction have been provocative enough with their choice of photograph to cause a poem to be born, and kind enough to give it a home, here at their website.

I thank them. Speculative fiction has not been something I had considered at all until recently. Now, I may just be hooked.

Aussie Speculative Fiction

in the graveyard
of abandoned dreams

the ghost
in the wind is free
to play

listen …

the squeal
is the rhythm
of a swing grown too rigid
to back and forth
by wistful breath

the rattle
of the branches

come on
come on

but the ghost remains
even as it moans
a hollow
to the sky

oh oh

the slide
is a shriek of shivers
of a fingernail
and a drag

from the top
right to the bottom
of the cry

and somewhere
is a remnant
of the laughter
of a child

ha-a ha-ha-ha


the ghost in the wind
is in
the mist
and in the fog

it is not free

it cannot


About the author: Frank Prem has been a storytelling poet for forty years. When not writing or reading his poetry to an audience, he fills…

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