#PoetryReadathon – Meet poetry blogger and new author Frank Prem

Robbie Cheadle has been kind enough to publish an online interview with me on her marvelous website https://robbiesinspiration.wordpress.com/. Robbie is wonderfully supportive of indie publishers (like novice me) and is an accomplished poet in her own right.

Thank you, Robbie.

Robbie's inspiration

Poetry readathonFrank with music stand

Michael and I are delighted to welcome poetry blogger and new author, Frank Prem to Robbie’s inspiration today. Frank blogs at https://frankprem.wordpress.com/blog/

This is one of Frank’s recent poems, entitled sailing my boat (for the first time):

who is the sailor
to sail my ship
beyond dreaming

who will be captain
if I
am the passenger

flap the sails
while you tight up
the stay lines

point the prow
point the ship
to the blue

this is the last
this is the first
this is the journey
beyond mere dreaming

steer me straight
you solemn-faced boatman

steer to the sunset
steer straight
steer true

no ship ahoy!
there’s just you and I
on the chart

solemn yes
but laughter too
behind is the old
is where we go

ahead is the place
I go

Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in a very pretty township in…

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