32 thoughts on “Look what came …

    • Steve, thank you. It needs a little bit of obsession, a little persistence, a little frenetic running on the spot. Also a better mind than I’ve got for listings and organising appearances and book signings. Maybe even advertising (but I suspect I’ll stop short of that).

      I haven’t the time to go to work anymore!

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    • I am the publisher, Kaz – Wild Arancini Press. I hired a group that prepare books (inner material and covers, paperback and ebook) for self publishers and have worked through the document with them. I encountered them at a Writer’s retreat in Queensland back in May, and decided that I now had to transition from writer to author. There will be more coming in the near future, I think.

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      • It’s a complete industry Kaz. As far as self published – at the cost of time and trial, there is nothing to stop any writer from putting together a professional looking e-book in epub or mobi, as well as the craft of assembling a paperback.

        Book cover designers seem to be a whole industry unto themselves, though it’s a case of buyer beware.

        The element I’m struggling with most at this early stage is how to put together a picture based e-book. I’ll get there, but it’s tricky because the whole art of picture quality comes into it as well as making the pic behave on the page.



      • I’m familiar with the process, having self-published my three novels in both digital and print. I did have the advantage of having spent many years in print publishing (both editing and layout/design) so I wasn’t a total newbie. But indeed, buyer beware! I received so many emails from obscure agents / publishers / promoters who “love your book !!” and were dying to tell the world all about it — for a fee. LOL!! Picture-based ebook though, much trickier as you know.

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      • Suddenly popular, hey?

        I would seriously like to master e-book with pictures. Might need to find someone doing a course or prepared to tutor, otherwise I’ll be moaning about it forever.

        Congrats on 3 books. No small feat. Happy with the results?


      • I found the whole self pub thing quite fascinating, as I’d had no idea it existed until I happened to read an article about a woman who’d made $1m in a month (or some such outrageous figure). I made a pittance, but learned a lot. 🙂 And I will never forget the review in which the woman said she cried while reading — how amazing to stir someone with my words.

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