Voices #93 (final): then set a spell

This has been a most rewarding series to present. Thank you for reading.


a cup
of tea

turn the lamp on

I saw a book
as well

the evening
might be made
quite cosy

pour your cup

set a spell


Poem #93 from a series of poems heard while on a visit to a second hand goods market and gathered together as: Voices in the Trash (and the Treasure).


22 thoughts on “Voices #93 (final): then set a spell

      • Truth to tell, I had no idea I was going to be writing the poems, myself. I had this brand new android device and was taken by the sense of all these things having voices. I wasn’t sure they’d be happy even to have me taking photos, so a lot of them were even a bit sneaky. Silly, I know. Next time, I’ll probably chat to the folk there about what I’m up to.

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      • Nothing personal or identifying was shown I don’t think there is much for anyone to be upset by. It’s not like you were food blogging and just taking photos to rate how good the shop was.

        I guess the thing about a shop like that is that you could go back and get new inspiration all the time. It could be a never ending source of material.

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      • Yes, that’s what I think, too. Though I get a bit bored, after a while. I acti=ually ruined this project by not keeping pics at original sizes. No good for books, only the blog. I’ll try to recapture some of the pics I originally took when I go there next to restore the library. Looking after the pics from phone to hard drivre is tedious.

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      • Haha, I did the same thing when putting the first store online. 1500 jigsaw and games and I took photos as if I was photographing a model. When I got home I had to edit nearly all of them to fit on the website properly 🙂

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      • When I did the shop I thought I needed to capture detail. I though people wanted to see everything or they wouldn’t buy. But that lead me to many pictures of different sizes some focusing on a box, some focusing on part of a box. I realised after a while that for web and printed catalogue uniform size is better. A person will seek out more information if they like something but picturing a 1000 piece jigsaw box bigger than a 20,000 piece because you see some more detail makes the brain question the image.
        With your images I often found myself looking at the subject first, then going back and seeing what else was in the photo. It was almost like a treasure hunt in itself.

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      • That’s wonderful feedback. Thanks. I hoped to value add to both the image and the poem.

        I understand the point about perspective and misleading a viewer through the non-uniformity. I’ve got plenty to pick learn about the pics business, but mostly the resolutions and pixel counts needed for print versus online was the first harsh lesson. I try to play safe, now and do all my saving of originals before I play with what I want to use.

        Kills spontaneity.

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      • The really interesting thing about your poems is scrolling down from the image and heading and thinking I know what the words will be about, then reading them and finding you followed a completely different path.

        Photographing for a reason does kill spontaneity but these days when I get time to photograph things I take everything in the best resolution I can, focus on what I think I want, take a few then go home and edit. It’s time consuming but the perfect shot for me isn’t always on the camera.

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      • Well that’s brilliant. I’m delighted.

        I end up having a kind of relationship with each image and the poem comes from letting the image speak – arty farty and wanky, but that’s how it feels.

        It means I get over-attached to images , too, so a bad shot can become good, and the news that I’ve limited the potential is an ‘ouch’.

        Funny process.

        Anyway, off to do some singing. Cheers.

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      • It’s a good feeling. I’ve written stories for a single image before. They may not have been the best stories but they were an exercise to see how much detail I can get out of a single picture. Some times the words win, sometimes the picture wins 🙂

        Happy singing!

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