he thought deeply examined familiarized he was a writer a poet and he thought deeply before taking up his pen he knew what he wished to write for a clear idea had formed within his mind and it was this this thought that needed to be expressed documented as his pen touched onto the paper … Continue reading medium

Voices #66: for you : of you

enter the magic kingdom here we have everything and something especially something for you here we have you already ~ Poem #66 from a series of poems heard while on a visit to a second hand goods market and gathered together as: Voices in the Trash (and the Treasure). Back to Voices in the Trash (and … Continue reading Voices #66: for you : of you

temporary permanent destruction

he was aware that every time he closed his eyes … each occasion of sleep saw the temporary permanent destruction of every thought and every idea that comprised the world his world only it is true but from his personal position his world was everything all that was all that is most of the time … Continue reading temporary permanent destruction