was it a slip into the water a push a dive a fall down here it doesn’t matter the why is up above the when is left behind the who he can’t recall this is here there is only down only a ray of sunlight slicing to forever through the sparkle of the water into … Continue reading down

Voices #36: where the (cinder) ell-a you

Perhaps, the wearer is here: From the News - High tea and manicures. once oh once upon a time! where the hell is Cinderella when you need her huh? stuck in the middle of nowhere in some pumpkin I bet you know I had a fella wear me once he was beautiful in a long … Continue reading Voices #36: where the (cinder) ell-a you

mildly euphemistic

euphemistically speaking today is a day that couldn't be more and euphemistically thinking I don't think I've ever had one before this is a day when the lawn is growing and just such a day that I have to get mowing euphemistically being I'm like a guy who has been struck by the sun and … Continue reading mildly euphemistic