desert and the waiting sea

and the sky

we are in

sky watches over me
reaches down
to touch me
at the end
of day
at the end of time

the blue
and the gold
we are as one

and when the wind
hurls me
right up into the air
I am dust
I fall back
to myself
and dry
to the very earth itself

I do not change
I turn my shape
into a dune
to roll around
beneath my friend
the sky


be still
hush now
I will not harm you

no mud
will I let sully
your golden sand

take my shells
my nacreous gift
take all my flotsam


I will sweep high
on you
I will sweep low


I have a home
for every grain of you
that blows away
or washes
from your rolling dune

be still
hush now

and when I rage
I rise to take you
in my water arms
piece by piece
and grain by grain by
crashing wave
tempest wave

that is when
I claim you

but for now
shh shh
be calm

roll around
beneath the sky
your friend

and when you roll
in the end
to where I am
you know
will be waiting


Poem #362 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.

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