spectating science sports – the speed of light (in vacuum)

the show seemed over almost before it had begun the ticket-seller had said things like spectacular unforgettable once in a life time and so he had handed over his money in exchange at least he thought he’d had a ringside seat at least the event was held in quiet so he could concentrate without distraction … Continue reading spectating science sports – the speed of light (in vacuum)

spring creek to the sea

One for the Beechworth folk, who love their Spring Creek, and love their Gorge and Woolshed. Why wouldn't they? I do ~~~~~~~~~~ spring creek where are you going? on a journey to the sea? wait I’ll just get my boots on if you’ll wait a second here I’ll run the race beside you we will laugh … Continue reading spring creek to the sea

reading to a familiar soft light

by the light of the eyes of his cat he read the news a complete infestation of rats down town the hazards of climbing trees some old mog called eight used to be known as seven his cat blinked her eyes he turned a page sixteen games to play for mouse and for mouser hackles … Continue reading reading to a familiar soft light

Voices #07: tomorrow will be clear

tomorrow? look into my depths beyond the distortions of the everyday look deeply into my sphere there written on a tag at the bottom is tomorrow made clear if you can read it ~ Poem #07 from a series of poems heard while on a visit to a second hand goods market and gathered together … Continue reading Voices #07: tomorrow will be clear