guilty secret

I don’t usually drink alone a little glug at teatime is enough when I’m at home but sometimes grows as large as I feel small temptation gets too much and that is all … when I’ve got a guilty secret in a bottle by my side some lousy fool was drinking and it must have … Continue reading guilty secret

the first thing

every day when he woke his first gaze was toward the large window through the gaps in the slatted blind he was able to observe the first of the day cloudless morning after cloudless morning through the whole of this dry autumn a warm yellow sun directed from the east plunged across the reddening leaves … Continue reading the first thing

a change in the water

Poem #260 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie. Back to Bachelard and me – Introduction the water that once ran skipping over stones slipping through the moss around fallen branches ran as though only a laugh could slow it down only a laugh could catch it make … Continue reading a change in the water