different (a cloud man). Introducing: A Book of Clouds.

101 b

he spent
all the mornings
of all
of his days
taking photographs
of each passing cloud

he tried
to get each one
they all
are different

in the afternoons
in the evenings
he would write them

day after day

cloud after cloud

a dossier
of the passing sky

who could grow tired
of the subtle craft
of cloud counting

when he needed a change
or needed
a break

if he rose early
he could greet
the sun


or later
wish it
good bye

good night


then write that down
as well

he thought
there might be something
about him

but then
he thought again

each cloud

each dawn

each dusk

is just
as different


I have just commenced posting poems and pictures for a new series – A Book of Clouds – over at my Seventeen Syllable site.

It’s a considerable undertaking, and I hope, a worthwhile one.

Please feel invited to join me for the journey among A Book of Clouds.

6 thoughts on “different (a cloud man). Introducing: A Book of Clouds.

  1. I loved it, Frank! I will surely follow.
    Clouds are one of my most favourite things. Cloud watching is the one thing I have carried over from youth to now. Always entertaining and so expansive for your mind. the photos are also wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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