small town

this is a small town in victoria
streets are wide
the shops are neat
and the tourists come

it’s a lucky town
in a lucky place
where making bread means dough
and buying a loaf just has to be
a local experience

on the main street in the morning
the haberdasher sweeps
her pavement
the green grocer dons his apron
and there’s rusty old knives
and a sausage machine
on display in the butcher’s window
olde-worlde beside the t-bones

but the barber has gone away
maybe to die
after fifty years of scissor trims
californian poppy
and talcum
on the back of each fresh-shaved neck

they’ll probably create a mausoleum
of strops and cut throats when he’s gone
to let you soak up
a little additional local history
with a piece of cake and latte
in the swivel chair
of a very small town

enjoy your stay

© Frank Prem, 2009

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