another rail trail walk: withered

tree trunk

I have been
a thriving

I am more

look at me



A short note about these ‘walk’ poems.

The poem withered (above) is the final in this set of rail trail walks. There will, no doubt, be more.

I’ve been enjoying taking the walks and their photos very much. To be able to write to them is a delight.

I’m finding that, more and more, I’m writing Seventeen Syllable poems to accompany the pictures, and have decided that I’ll continue these at my Seventeen Syllable Poetry blog, leaving this site for, mostly, longer poetry.

It would be a pleasure to welcome anyone wishing to keep track of walks and pics and teir poems over at Seventeen Syllable Poetry.

I’ve recently commenced a new set of poems there for a walk from the Buckland Gap up and over the hill, to Stanley. Poems to date in this new set are:

Buckland Gap to Stanley walk: wind speak

Buckland Gap to Stanley walk: where?

Buckland Gap to Stanley walk: ceaseless invigorated

Buckland Gap to Stanley walk: what is a favorite place?

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