the accountant retires

is hard to believe
this moment
has come

it has been
such a long time
in the making

here am I
with the best of my friends

the pencil
the ledger

the eraser

we did it all
didn’t we
my friends

every day
the difficult to balance

the impossible

an investigative team
plumbed the depths

diving apparatus
weighted belt
and down
the columns
of numbers

so many columns
of sweet numbers

my friend

how many stubs
of less than knuckle length
did you become

and you
so elegantly holding
your ledger lines
in blue
and red

that you let me fill up
with the numbers

we erased a few
did we not

but only
what was needed

to achieve our goal
of balance


who would believe
this moment
would come

my friends

we are neither surplus
nor are we

our sums
are balanced

we are done



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