cloud search

180318 a

who herds
these clouds

I watch them passing
above my head

or bison buffalo
of the skies

180318 b

in search
of grazing ground
in search of blue

of a different kind

perhaps they wander
in search of home

the home
where good clouds go

no need to rain
no need to thunder
in temper
after lightning

who herds these clouds

if there is vacancy
perhaps …

perhaps we’ll wander
in search
of the blue grazing
of home

180318 c


2 thoughts on “cloud search

  1. Unusual clouds, great photos, and an unusual concept, that you made work very well. The clouds do eat the sky don’t they? Unfortunately, Frank, I’m not sure how well “cloud herder” will work on a resume, might be good on a business card though. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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