not listening to a flood

I am not listening
to the stories about floods

they are an inundation

on every tv channel
I have seen waters overflowing

tears being cried like rivers

speechless people
telling incoherent stories
of how
they have never seen the like before
thought the first time
three weeks ago
was their disaster
but here it is again
running in through open doorways
dismissing out of hand
restraining walls

in the city
bargain basement shopping has to relocate
by several floors
bring your credit in a boat

but I’m not watching
I’m not listening
over and over again
throughout the day

it fascinates me
like a python
eye to eye
or a glimpse into oblivion

it’s just the tv
turned on for background company
the Premier is weeping
for a life once took for granted

swept away
on rising waters
while a commentator I’m ignoring
speaks of economic recovery

there is State to be rebuilt
and infrastructure
will save us all

© Frank Prem, 2011

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