A Sentence?

Your stockings have a sheen,
when clinging to the legs that grace
high heeled pumps carrying you
to places I cannot go in all
the hours of following your adventures
from a recess of my mind,
so full of cluttered meanderings
that take me, at odd moments,
into novel ideas and hidden vaults
of thought I find distracting from
mundane rituals in a working day
that should be filled with features
of the toils brought on by customers
and the urge to earn the means
with which to enter on small journeys
to places where we may lie at leisure
without need for you to don
high heeled pumps and stockings
to grace the legs I so admire
for the elegance and languid splendour
with which they carry you beside me,
with your arm at rest in mine,
while my mind feels no requirement
to access the cluttered recesses
in which, generally, I follow you.

© Frank Prem, 2000

One thought on “A Sentence?

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