a wailing companion

it is there again
still there

if he was feeling testy
he would describe it as a caterwauling
that will not stop
constant yowling

but today is ok
today it is companionable
a reassurance
that everything is at it should be
and the old wailer
is welcome to perform

nondescript sounds
vaguely musical
mosque in the morning
head space for minaret
something almost religious
in the rise and fall of the sounds

he prefers female music
but the voice
is strong masculine
verbalising in an unknown tongue
no choice in that
though he knows he can block it by work
by hard concentration
but even then
the song might thread the thoughts
while he is only half aware

some days he wants to scream
claw his face and head bloody
to be alone
just for some moments

today is ok
the singer helps to keep it tolerable
on a good day

© Frank Prem, 2002

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