everyday changing

every day I’m growing simpler
I guess that getting older
has a price

I can’t move so fast
and I can’t hold everything
that’s swirling around me

but I’m ok
as a simple man
it doesn’t mean that I’ve turned stupid

it doesn’t mean I’m losing control
or winding down

it just means my heart comes alive
to the sound of birdsong

it means I feel hope right in my hand
when I hold the loam
out of my garden

every day I hold my hand up
to slow the world down
just a little

it’s not that I can’t follow
or comprehend the things
that swirl around me

but I don’t want them
I have enough
it doesn’t mean I have dementia

it doesn’t mean I have no place
or someone to talk to

it just means I know who I am
and that’s sufficient

it means one best friend I can touch
is everything I own
and ever want to

every day I’m growing simpler
but not less
when I hold my hand up
I can touch you

and every day I find
that’s enough

© Frank Prem, 2011

13 thoughts on “everyday changing

  1. Wow… this speaks for me, but for so many others as well who are in different circumstances. Its wisdom is so well thought out and well-shared. I might print this one out, too…

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  2. I do hope that we just gain wisdom to detect and peel off all of the sticky unnecessary stuff/humans/ that kept crowding our minds in different periods of time. What is left is the purest essence of our beings that is fed by the touches of the soul of a fellow human being.

    Liked by 1 person

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