notes on hope and redemption: #11 – why ‘god’

Poem #35 from a second series of meditations titled: the Pilgrim (2)

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what does god mean to you

what is the essence of god
what does it represent



does the act of creation
necessarily establish the linkage
to obligation

a two-way relationship
instead of a singleton event

does god mean forgiveness
or imply care


© Frank Prem 2006

the Pilgrim (2) Poem #36: notes on hope and redemption: #12 – choice

10 thoughts on “notes on hope and redemption: #11 – why ‘god’

  1. I really enjoy the series “the Pilgrim”. I see a bit of myself in, what I deduce from your poems, is your thoughts and meditations. I would really like to show you a poem of mine, if you’d like that please contact me or something. Thank you!

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  2. 1. When you mention obligation, do you refer to creator’s obligation towards his creation or creation’s obligation to its creator? When you plant a flower in your garden, are you obliged to (continue to) water it? Is the flower obliged to blossom or have a nice scent so you can enjoy it? Even though you want it to accomplish its full potential, you did plant it for selfish reasons – so you (or somebody dear) can enjoy it.
    2. Compared to forgiving sth to yourself and/or caring about yourself the way you care about the human you love, it is easy to get god’s forgiveness and/or care. Related to (1.) – maybe, by being planted in this particular garden, we are obliged to take care of ourselves and find the way to blossom without the interference of our creator. Maybe we are all alone.

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