Mister Frank – simply the best

mister frank is the very best nurse
mister frank is a great nurse
la la la la
mister frank

she calls me Mister Frank
and I call her Miss Shirley

I’m not sure why Mister Frank
is scoring so well today
I think I can handle it all right

maybe it’s because I dish out
the pills
more likely
because I remind her
what she’s ordered for lunch
and sympathise
about how many showers she’s had to take today
how often she’s had to change her bedding
wash the clothes
the sweeping
the relentless demands
on her time and her mental stamina
working working
all in the space of a single day

at least
that’s her story

it can be tiring just to listen
to the litany of burden
but today I’ve made the effort
and as a result I can see
that Mister Frank is clearly
the best

Mister Frank
can I have a cigarette

© Frank Prem, 2016


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