a quick latte (a long black)

my coffee grows on a hill somewhere
around Kandara
in Kenya

my coffee grows ripe beneath the sun out there
in Rutsiro or Rubavu
in Rwanda

my coffee is stored in the monsoon air
of the Malabar coast
in India

enjoy your latte

my coffee dries where a slow breeze whiles
on Pico Turquino
in Cuba

my coffee is named for the exotic style
of San Isidro
in Costa Rica

my coffee arrives in green bean piles
from La Bendicion
in Nicaragua

my coffee spins in the roaster for a time
in Ethiopia

sip your black

your coffee awaits you, served with a smile
from the shadows of my garage
where I change it
from green to brown

enjoy your latte

sip your black

soar around the world
with my cup to your lips
fly so high
then come on back

© Frank Prem, 2011

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