shadows leaping

I am shying
at shadows
think it’s only
a state of mind
but I see things move
from the corner of my eye
as though something
is in the room beside me

though I know
too well
I am alone


it is quiet
there is only the sound
of one man breathing
sometimes it feels like
there’s nobody else
in the world
turn on the tv
make a predictable

fulfill at least
one room
of occupation


outside a window
in the garden
a long green leaf
waves in wind
my head shoots up
looking for the person
who just then walked by
until the wind moves

I don’t even feel


at night
curtains open
cars turn into my eye-line
I see the headlights
on the house
across the road
and I hold breath
a short while
until they sweep beyond
my street-front
no-one ever stops
but you can never
be sure
and if they did
what then
should I laugh or cry
to greet them

sometimes I believe
it’s better
not to know


in my house the shadows
are reaching

I leap
inside my eyes
each time they do

© Frank Prem, 2003

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