on a boat on a flood

flood 031217 d

mine is a boat
from leaves
and grass

I sail the flood
beneath the storm

brown water
where no water was

over the rapids

no fear
of the fury

I sail
to meet with fate

leaves and grass
a boat
and me

on the waters
of the storm

flood 031217 c



5 thoughts on “on a boat on a flood

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  2. Many times when I was a child our family basement flooded from severe thunder storms. The water would rise up silently to the fourth step…any higher and the electrical connections would have toasted the house. and probably electrocuted anyone who ventured into the darkness.

    In those days our basement also served as a storm cellar in case of tornadoes so you can appreciate the trepidation we all felt when our only source of safety turned out to be submerged beneath the water. 🙂

    This underwater realm meant for Jacque Cousteau had its own hidden dangers.

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    • I find it amazing, GC, the magnificent adventures that confront each growing child – every one a unique (and indeed dramatic) occurrence, worthy of the telling.

      I think basements and that whole world of basement houses a foreign and most interesting area.

      Over here, our houses are generally on concrete slabs these days and on stumps formerly. Not many basements at all.

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