song of a road

the thin white stripes
are an undulating song
that slip apart
as they sing nearer
then bleed into the flying wing
that is the leading edge of the car
as we gaze a-stare
with mesmer-eyes fixed upon
the next approaching verse

the miles a chant
each town the same
a chorus of the small

quick look …
but did you see …
well no …
it is gone …
there’ll be another
in a little while …

the ‘S’ that is a solid line
becomes a bridge
becomes a river
becomes the ‘Slow Down’
of a railway level crossing
going nowhere in both directions
there is no train
just a
used to be
beside the highway

and the bitumen is again
a semibreve of rests
and intervening spaces
in the song
that is the road

we are eating up
these miles

© Frank Prem, 2015

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