Revisiting Frank’s ‘Psychiatry’ series (Psychiatry 4)

Continuing the review of my Psychiatry series of poems.

Psychiatry 4 is all about acute psychiatry – the modern psychiatry with small acute units located as part of the General Hospital, and not somewhere away up on a hill, and out of sight.

It is hard to evaluate the success of the changes that took place as a result of closure of the old ‘loony bins’, as the Institutions were known. Certainly not all of it was good.

I have to stress that acute psychiatry in particular, in the settings and situations that I describe in these poems is ‘public’ psychiatry. Situations that are at the extreme of people’s experiences and likely as not subject to the Mental Health Act and involuntary detention and treatment.

Most psychiatric conditions do not require these levels of intervention and treatment.

As always, I hope you enjoy a visit, or revisit, to these poems and the more-or-less chronological story that they tell.

Psychiatry 4 – acute observations

a doctor for the seclusion room

lost: one cockerel

from long black shoelaces

not a lot, anymore

kick starting the morning



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