Revisiting Frank’s ‘Psychiatry’ series (Psychiatry 1)

In 2016/2017 I posted a long series of poems that amounted to a review of my career and life in Psychiatry service provision, from the earliest days as a child of parents working in the local mental institution to becoming a nurse and a manager and someone who attempted to change the world.

And ended up back at the beginning.

I believe this to be an important collection of poems – retrospectives in psychiatry are rare – and I’m going to relist five poems from each of the six sections of the set.

The first part draws on my memories as a child with parents working in the mental hospital. My mother as an untrained nurse, and my father as a cook in the big kitchen that catered daily for 600 patients and the hundreds of staff that attended them.

I hope you enjoy a visit, or revisit, to these poems and the more-or-less chronological story that they tell.  There is a link to some explanatory notes that you may find interesting and perhaps helpful.

Psychiatry 1 – early years

the smell of stockings

sunday lunch with the ladies


a ha-ha above town

first breakfast



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