A Poem a Day review (Part 5 and final) – October 2017 – December 2017

This is part five of my review of the Poem a Day series, bringing it up to the present and the conclusion of the series.

October, November and December of 2017, with  3 pieces from each month highlighted.

I hope the poems have brought some variety and pleasure into the reading life of those who have tuned in to some or all of these posts.

Thank you for reading them. Without readers, there is no point.

October 2017. 38 poems.

Storms and clouds and street sounds. Onomatopoeia, crumpets as a measure of the passage of time.

the wind and the lion

love (in a time of passing trains)

axeman: the man becomes what he always was

November 2017. 39 poems

A child of the weather, travelling over the mountain and down into Gippsland, making order among the bedclothes. A Poet’s workshop, the shapes and voices of driftwood, the pictures and poems from a walk between two lakes.

the dismissal of the doona

detail – the drift-goat

the bazaar

December 2017. 39 poems.

More Gippsland poems, dancing with motes of dust, allium flowers and onion bulbs. Another Poetry Walk, Seventeen Syllable Poetry, a Crow’s nest up an electricity pole.

what might have been (at Tambo)

Seventeen Syllable Poetry – bloom burst

spring creek small walk: tall ship – crow’s nest


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