approximately perfect

the whale is doing circles
in the corner of the lounge
where the plankton swirl

a frenzy
displaces my mother
from her photograph

and the swallow tails out
through a window
I forgot to close

is there any more coffee left
pass two hens over
would you like to dunk one too

it’s late I think
we must have sunk through breakfast
now we’ll probably miss the first migration

hurry up
let’s go
the backpack’s filled
with all the mice I’ll want

do you know how cozy it is
living in this tiny home
with you

when the kookaburra laughs
I realise all over
each sun rises with a fresh surprise

and if the hippo doesn’t hog the bed
a perfect day
will approximately end

© Frank Prem, 2009

One thought on “approximately perfect

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