A Poem a Day review (Part 4) – July 2017 – September 2017

Part four of the review of the Poem a Day series, crossing from Winter to Spring.

In this installment, July, August and September 2017, with  3 pieces from each month highlighted.

As always, please feel welcome to revisit some of these poems.

July 2017. 26 poems.

Wind and frost and rain. Coffee, flames and fire, the national Museum and Victoria’s War Memorial.

a waking wind

at Brunetti’s

veil dance (oh no)

August 2017. 30 poems

My teddy bear, weather, riding the sun, the first of my poetry walks, socio-political worries. Wagga Wagga. My street.

street echo

the itch (a worried man ramble)

Woolshed walk: a journey of cows

September 2017. 37 poems.

Poetic drones, chopping more wood, the resolution of a winter wind, and the discovery of the rare egg-vocado. Sailing on sun rays, fires in the evening, and the breaking of Miss Roxie’s heart.

sell the sky


a little light sailing


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