A Poem a Day review (Part 2) – January 2017 – March 2017

Continuing this little proclivity of mine (ho, ho) to review of the Poem a Day series which ended up spanning 16 months and around 500 poems.

In this installment, a stroll through the first quarter of 2017 – January, February, March, with 3 pieces from each month highlighted.

Please do feel welcome to revisit some of these poems. I’ve found it a pleasure to look back.

January 2017. 31 poems.

The axe man, dragonflies, trying to reach the lofty heights of The Poet. Dust dancing, the voice of the wind and anti-war. A rich month.

picking wild sunshine

on peaceful streets


February 2017. 30 poems

Seas and deserts, time travel and the paranoia of Social Security offices. Dancing towels and flying crockery. Not forgetting the perils of Aged Care and elderly relatives.

air china

benedicted by the day

trying to be helpful

March 2017. 30 poems.

Cosmic life, angels on a pin, weather, alpaca airlines, interplanetary explorations and dancing crows.

sleep and dance

getting lucky

within the weave


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