Dressing A Little Funny

arvi is coming along the footpath
he looks the type to pass right by without a word
but that’s not really true
he’s a theodolite
or some kind of sect like that
and he’s not allowed to meet my eyes or say hello
and even one more christian feast
is not enough
to make him look at me or say hello

funny how they wear those clothes
without a thought
at least that’s how it seems

I was talking to my mum today
she’s planning Christmas Day and family
with a million things to ready
and a thousand things to do
but there’s always time for tucking in my shirt
even on the telephone
I guess that’s the kind of thing that mother’s do
and I feel better dressed
because she took the time to ask
when she has so much going on

she doesn’t really like the way i dress
looking too unloved
whatever must the people think

they’re counting tolls for heroin and cars
in newspapers we get to see the numbers
and the names of casualties
like in a war we’re sharing communal bereavement
with the families that have lost someone
and we’re all saying sad things
and shaking heads
and trying to spare a moment to think
what it must be like and aren’t we lucky
at this time of year to be together

and I wonder what they all were wearing
were their shirts tucked
or did they dress a little funny

© Frank Prem, 2000

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