scent of a dream

in the hills
above my head
they are pumping dreams

drawing them
from deep reservoirs
and resting places
where they have waited
a long time
for their dreamer

in the hills above my head
the pumps
are filling pipes
with ready dreams

the tankers
bloating up
while their drivers
stay alert

no sleeping

they are
wide awake

wired awake

as the pumps
draw dreams
push dreams
squeeze dreams

fill the tanker trucks
with deep and ready

on the road
outside my bedroom
the tankers drive

filled to their capacity
with dreams
that once filled reservoirs
and waited
for their dreamers

they are bound
for the city
where a dollar
buys a little imagery

they are bound there
to be dreamt
for a few cents
per glimmer

a few cents
per vision

for a few cents

that is all

and dreamed
so cheaply
they are gone

© Frank Prem, 2017

December 2017 Poem #22 no sheriff day


12 thoughts on “scent of a dream

  1. Have you seen Blade Runner 2049? I really liked it and thought it was a tremendously well made film. There is an interesting and thought provoking part in the film about dreams and dreams that are artificially implanted into the minds of the robot/androids. Your poem reminded me of that.

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      • Water in Australia is like gold! We have a lot of water here in Canada and we are not looking after it . We allow companies like Nestle to take millions of gallons and unlike gas or oil they pay no royalties. Other places the water is polluted. So Canada will not be clean water rich before long. So i would share your concerns about water mining especially in a country where there is a scarcity of surface water.

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  2. So I wasn’t thinking about water at all, just the dreams. I like the idea of them being independent of the dreamer, living, waiting, being sold off, a commodity. And I have questions about those deep reservoirs, but maybe I’ll dream some answers. 😃 A thought provoking piece, Frank.

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