very local knowledge

how did I know that Gary
referred to Indiana
the two words were separated
by a page

I guess I’ve grown up
with so much Americana
that I almost know
where every town is
and every whistle stop
what WA and AZ
and NY mean

guess I know where
almost everything
in America is

but does anyone know that I live
in Stanley
or that Murmungee
is just a short drive
down the Gap

and what about Whorouly
and Milawa
where’s Myrtleford
if not right here
where I can touch them

but I don’t suppose
anyone but me
either knows or cares
about Chiltern
or Wooragee

and why would they
when the local heroes
myths and legends
don’t travel

© Frank Prem, 2015

8 thoughts on “very local knowledge

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