the osteo

on wyndham street
just melbourne-side of the railway line
tara the osteo smiles
at a customer come for a massage
and a cracking good time
she smiles

a large girl
who uses her weight
to lean right down on an out-breath
cracking a back
and making him laugh
while he lacks air

it’s a laugh of surprise
and relief
but tara is sure in her handling
and understands manipulation

she says half of her skill
is psychology
making the customer talk
feel at home
while she tends
to aches caused by slouches
and age
and a lack of due care
through the passage of a lifetime

tara the osteopath
is smiling
almost saintly
while ringing the till
for twenty-five dollars
after insurance

wishes him well
to take care
and not neglect exercise
to come back in a fortnight
on the monday
and to walk straight
until then

© Frank Prem, 2006

One thought on “the osteo

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