his thoughts

the breeze should blow he thought the trees at their tops back and forth with grace they moved like dancers a cotton ball he teased apart into strands held high in his hand until the breeze caught them in a flutter and then released scudding white thin clouds he thought a sunset sky and some … Continue reading his thoughts

with earth and water

Poem #73 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie. Back to Bachelard and me – Introduction   in a way it is a struggle the task of digging deep inside himself to bring forth the … what the essence perhaps of himself to incorporate into the work to … Continue reading with earth and water

the old man’s stock take

he called it taking stock sitting in the sun in the shade beneath the veranda awning when It rained considering the garden and the green grass counting the bees white butterflies bugs rising on transparent wings with the sun shining through a tiny halo of light around each the wind at play through washing hung … Continue reading the old man’s stock take