cosmic oneness in a bedroom universe

the bedroom ceiling
is off-white
the electric light diffused by a hanging ball
of translucent ceramic

transformed by the darkness of a flick of the switch
to become an unexpected universe
of stars and moons and planets
each painstakingly adhered
to create a comforting illusion
of cosmic oneness before sleep

the furthest wall centres a framed print
of contrasting dark shades and bright reds
a suggestively arranged depiction of flowers
surrounds a central pinkness of vulva-shaped petals
revealed in a solemn act of unfurling

but tonight the view is subtle glows
candles placed each side of the head of the bed
to throw elongated ceiling reflections
that turn the round white ball above my head
into a cartoon mouse with over-large shadow ears

there is a flicker of flame in the distance
behind a shoulder
and another waverer beyond the edge of my pillow
glimpsed only after following the suggestive arrangement
of the line of your body
past half-lit belly and breasts
and the twin gleam-reflections of your eyes

this wall harbours an open poem
and a framed sash-window
that holds a remnant imprint
where I rested foot on glass

a single star is visible in the night sky
beyond this solitary portal to the outside world
and a certain stillness is in the atmosphere

© Frank Prem, 2002

One thought on “cosmic oneness in a bedroom universe

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