a story for my lawyer

I wrote a story for my lawyer one day
when I was on the forty second floor
sitting in his office
to pay three-fifty dollars an hour
in six minute increments
for his time and his opinions

it was a beautiful tale
about the winding of the river
I could see the silver gleam among the trees
and hills all the way back up to Mt Dandenong
and I wrote it down as it flowed
across my page
before he came into the room to talk divorce
I had it written

I’d like to send the story to my lawyer
in a way it belongs to him
and his view from the forty second floor
but I doubt he’ll ever see it
I can’t afford the time he’d take to read it
at three-fifty dollars an hour
in six minute increments

© Frank Prem, 2002

9 thoughts on “a story for my lawyer

  1. Now I’ve stopped laughing, I recall something that Robert May, one of my physics lecturers, said when I started uni many years ago, along the lines of: “We don’t get paid much, but we get to do what we love.” As it turned out, he was a genius. He became UK Chief Scientific Adviser, and is now Baron May of Oxford. But I’m almost sure he still does what he does for love, not money. Moral: keep poeting. 😃

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