the search for truth

tonight I eat the roasted meat
gifted me by the friend
who strayed from his herd
to fall beneath my spear

charred and brown
hot juices soak my beard

where do you come from
beast friend

I found you and slew you
I cut you down
with reverence in my heart

but where were you
where was your herd
when the plain before me
lay empty

what caused the womb to open
from what seed did you grow

to which god should I kneel
in my gratitude

I will wear you for my cloak
you will keep your spirit through me
I will make your image upon my walls
in the red ochre that stains my nails

o lord of the herd
o sire who is the meat of life
you have come from beyond the plains
and I will walk with you
when you leave

© Frank Prem, 2009

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