on the cathedral corner

the gargoyle on the corner pipe
on the cathedral of scary creatures
looks familiar

the eyes protrude
the head is angled in the suggestive way
that brings to mind
something that I can’t quite recall

it looms
in a particular malicious pleasure

if it had the power to move
it would be tongue
licking lips

it’s colleagues on the gables
are run of the mill unpleasant
but this one seems personal
for me

I think I’ll take her off her perch
take her home to bed
wild and wicked
in the dark all things scare the same
and I am brave enough

I believe
that I am brave enough
to hold on to a ghoulie-goyle
when she shows her teeth
so brightly for me
in the night

© Frank Prem, 2010


3 thoughts on “on the cathedral corner

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