capturing magic

and the pulsing starts again
a coursing through veins
he can feel
like a pump pushing energy
and urgency

he fidgets
looks about
tries to think of a start
come on come on
an opening line
to set him on the road
just a thought that will let him write
a thought that will make him

he can lose himself in that first few words
tapped up on the screen
let go deep
into the evolution
and formation
of a story

he doesn’t know why it came
about the road it took
doesn’t think about where it might go
where he will travel

isn’t worried about the ending
before the middle is done
until he can see what it will look like
the shape
the feel
the way he thinks it might sound
if he spoke it aloud
where do the rhythms fall
where is the beat

does it sing itself inside his head
conclude with that familiar gentle touch
that reaches back
to kiss the opening idea
then rings a bell inside his head
for hours to come

maybe he’s nailed one
he might have caught it
in his mind
and turned it into black and white
on paper
so that anyone can see
a small way inside his head
or readily believe
that it was always this way
it is so real
they must have lived it
in a dream of another life

and maybe that’s so
he’s just the medium
the writer
how could he presume to know
how magic is done

© Frank Prem 2003

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