hitch a cloud ride

sky b

the sky
is big today

it seems
almost endless

I know that’s a foolish thought
the clouds seem
up so high

as though they’ve come
from a long way

and have a long way
still to go

here am I
just gazing

a pedestrian
alongside their long road

should I venture
one step

or two

should I
extend my thumb
to hail one down

sky a

who knows
where a ride like that
might lead

perhaps it would just go
on and on
or maybe
it would lead
to the sun

the sky
is so big
I feel so small

I think I’ll hitch
a cloudy ride
and ask to be taken to
a nearby

© Frank Prem, 2017

October 2017 Poem #12: an ellipse of weather

5 thoughts on “hitch a cloud ride

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