where you see and feel it

in the stance

in the posture

in a bulging
of the eyes

in the veins

in the breathing

in the rapidness
of the pacing

in the tone

in the volume

in the words
polluting the air

in the clench

in the knuckle

in the sudden disappearance
of distance

in the defiance

in the roar

in the foaming flecks
at the corner of the mouth

in the beat

in the rate

in the throat sensation
of a leaping heart

in the exhaustion

in the tremble

in the sense of

oh my god

oh oh

© Frank Prem, 2017

October 2017 Poem #05: saving daylight

8 thoughts on “where you see and feel it

  1. I have been overwhelmed by the media coverage of Las Vegas yesterday and today. On reading this poem I saw the gunman on the 32nd floor with his guns. I know that was probably not the original intent but that’s the magic of poetry it can speak to different people and draw different pictures for each person. It is Tuesday morning and I am waffling on. Anyway a very good piece of writing to be so evocative.

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